Quick Review Series for BDS 1st Year

Quick Review Series for BDS 1st Year is a comprehensive book for undergraduate first-year students of dental sciences. The book comprises of chapters on general anatomy, general histology, embryology, physiology, biochemistry, dental anatomy, and oral histology. In addition, the book consists of a collection of questions from last 20 years, diagrams, and multiple choice questions for thorough practice and revision. This book is essential for students pursuing dentistry from medical colleges of India.

MCQs in Pharmacology

MCQs in Pharmacology covers all the topics in pharmacology. It contains total number of 1301 questions. These questions have been designed for self-assessment and revision. However the chief value of the book lies in the detailed explanatory text which accompanies each MCQ. This book is intended for students of pharmacy and medicine. It will also be useful in providing ideas and material for use by teaching staff and examiners. It will be especially useful for the undergraduate students of pharmacy and medicine who are preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations.

Bioinformatics - A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins

Table of Contents
Foreword (Lee Hood)
Part One: Biological Databases
1. Sequence Databases (Rolf Apweiler)
2. Mapping Databases (Peter S. White and Tara C. Matise)
3. Information Retrieval from Biological Databases (Andreas D. Baxevanis)
4. Genomic Databases (Tyra G. Wolfsberg)

Part Two: Analysis At The Nucleotide Level
5. Predictive Methods Using DNA Sequences (Enrique Blanco and Roderic Guigó)
6. Predictive Methods Using RNA Sequences (David Mathews and Michael Zuker)
7. Sequence Polymorphisms (James C. Mullikin and Stephen T. Sherry)

Part Three: Analysis At The Protein Level
8. Predictive Methods Using Protein Sequences (Yanay Ofran and Burkhard Rost)
9. Protein Structure Prediction and Analysis (David Wishart)
10. Intermolecular Interactions and Biological Pathways (Gary D. Bader and Anton J. Enright)

Part Four: Inferring Relationships
11. Assessing Pairwise Sequence Similarity: BLAST and FASTA (Andreas D. Baxevanis)
12. Creation and Analysis of Protein Multiple Sequence Alignments (Geoffrey J. Barton)
13. Sequence Assembly and Finishing Methods (Nancy F. Hansen, Pamela Jacques Thomas and Gerard G. Bouffard)
14. Phylogenetic Analysis (Fiona S. L. Brinkman)
15. Computational Approaches in Comparative Genomics (Andreas D. Baxevanis)
16. Using DNA Microarrays to Assay Gene Expression (John Quackenbush)
17. Proteomics and Protein Identification (Mark R. Holmes, Kevin R. Ramkissoon and Morgan C. Giddings) 

Part Five: Developing Tools
18. Using Perl to Facilitate Biological Analysis (Lincoln D. Stein)