Principles of Genetics

S. V. Sawardekar, S. S. Sawant, and S. G. Bhave’s Principles of Genetics, published by International Book House, is a comprehensive book for Life Sciences/Biology students who have opted for Genetics and Genomics in various courses. It comprises of topics like: History of Genetics and its Scope, Chromosome Structure, Morphology of Eukaryotic Chromosome, Cell Division: Mitosis, Cell Division: Meiosis, Mendel and His Work, Mendel's Laws of Inheritance, Gene Interactions, Multiple Alleles, Pleiotropism, Quantitative and Qualitative Traits, Multiple Factor Hypothesis, Cytoplasmic Inheritance (Extra Nuclear Inheritance), Linkage, Crossing Over, Chromosomal Aberrations: Numerical, Chromosomal Aberrations: Structural, DNA and its Structure, RNA: Structure, Function and Type, Protein Synthesis, Gene Expression, Mutation, Methods of Sex Determination, and Sex Limited, Sex Influenced and Sex Limited Characters.