Immunology and Immunotechnology

Table of Contents



List of Color Plates

Immunology: History and Significance

The Immune System

Immunoreactive Cells and Receptors

Cytokines and Regulation

Antibody Synthesis and B Cell Activation

Immunoglobulin Molecules

Immunoglobulin and T cell Receptor Genes


Antigen Antibody Reaction and Diagnostic Procedures


Major Histo compatibility Complex

Cell-mediated Response and Transplantation

Cancer and Immune Responses


Tolerance and Autoimmunity

Immunodeficiency and AIDS

Immunity to Pathogens and Vaccines

Techniques used in Immunotechnology



Immunology is one of the important areas in Biological Sciences, and widely demanded by many course curricula. In Schaum?s Outlines of Immunology, we have tried to congregate all the major concepts, following a question-answer approach. Book covers the course fundamentals: Molecular, Cellular

Immunology: An Introduction

This brief immunology text covers the core concepts of immunology. It provides a straightforward overview of the subject and is accessible to undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds

Instant Notes: Immunology

Instant Notes \"titles focus on core information and are designed to help undergraduate students come to grips with a subject quickly and easily. This new edition has been amended throughout, new sections have been added on aging and gender and the immune system, and diagrams have been redrawn for improved clarity and consistency of style. \"Instant Notes in Immunology,\" Second Edition provides concise yet comprehensive coverage of immunology at an undergraduate level, providing easy access to the core information in the field. The book covers all important areas in immunology in a format which is ideal for learning and rapid revision. Also features MCQs and answers which test knowledge and understanding.