Neurological Examination Made Easy

Neurological clinical examinations are some of the most intimidating procedures a medical student has to perform. This book sets out to demystify them, and as is shown by the spectacular success of the previous editions, succeeds admirably.

David Kobiler , Shlomo Lustig , Shlomo ShapiraIntroduction To Clinical Neurology

A practical guide to an often intimidating subject! Readers will appreciate the clear, sensible discussions of common neurologic conditions in this nicely updated New Edition. It details the initial examination, interpretation of results, diagnosis, treatment options, and more. Dr. Gelb’s systematic approach to patient management, and his reader-friendly style, makes complex information easy to understand and apply. Elsevier

Clinical Electroencephalography

This book presents a thorough and systematic exposition of the various dimensions of electroencephalography. It emphasizes direct bedside application in different areas. Among the wide spectrum of topics covered, the book highlights the historical aspects, basic and technical details, methodological issues and interpretation and application in different areas.

Neurology Secrets

Neurology Secrets, 4th edition, presents all the latest tips and "secrets" on disorders of the nervous system in the popular Q

Applied Neonatology

Neonatal Unit 
Neonatal Nursing 
Neonatal Transport 
Prenatal Diagnosis 
Fetal Assessment 
Fetal Therapy 
Maternal Disorders and Fetal Outcome 
The Effect of Maternal Drugs on the Developing Fetus
Fetal Ultrasonography 
Resuscitation of the Newborn 
Care of the Newborn 
Examination of the Newborn 
Temperature Control 
Fluid and Electrolyte Management 
High-Risk Infant 
Neonatal Jaundice and Liver Diseases 
Disorders of Respiratory System 
Disorders of Cardiovascular System 
Neonatal Hematology 
Disorders of Renal System 
Disorders of Central Nervous System 
Endocrine Disorders of the Newborn 
Neonatal Metabolic Disorders 
Infections in Newborn 
Congenital Anomalies 
General Surgery 
Eye Disorders

Neurological Exam Made Easy

Table of Contents
* History, Neurological Examination and Equipment 
* Cranial Nerves: General 
* First Cranial Nerve: Olfactory Nerve 
* Second Cranial Nerve: Optic Nerve 
* Fundus 
* Third, Fourth and Sixth Cranial Nerves: Oculomotor, Trochlear and Abducens 
* Nystagmus 
* Fifth Cranial Nerve: Trigeminal Nerve 
* Seventh Cranial Nerve: Facial Nerve 
* Eighth Cranial Nerve: Auditory and Vestibular Nerve 
* Ninth and Tenth Cranial Nerves: Glossopharyngeal and Vagus Nerves 
* Eleventh Cranial Nerve: Accessory Nerve 
* Twelfth Cranial Nerve: Hypoglossal Nerves 
* Motor System: General 
* Motor System: Tone 
* Motor System: Arms 
* Motor System: Legs 
* Motor System: Reflexes 
* Basic Principles of Examination of Sensation 
* Posture and Gait 
* Involuntary Movements 
* Speech 
* Frontal Parietal Lobe and Clinical Syndromes with Specific Areas of Cerebral Cortex 
* The Autonomic Nervous System 
* Electroencephalography and Peripheral Electrophysiology 
* Cerebrospinal Fluid, Biopsy and General Medical Investigation 
* Neuroepidemiology 
* Neuroradiology and Imaging 
* Neurorehabilitation 
* Neurogenetics 
* Examination of Consciousness, Brain Death, Coma, Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Step By Step Treatment Of Parkinson Disease

An overview of the diagnosis, assessment, and management of Parkinson's Disease, highlighting the management of problems such as late dyskinesia, akinesia, and late phase Parkinson's Disease. Includes differential diagnosis, epidemiology, clinical findings in various age groups, etiological factors, pathophysiology, and detailed drug treatment with practical guidelines. For neurologists in training and practice, and family physicians, geriatricians.

Merrits Neurology Hand Book

Designed for portability and quick reference on the wards and in other clinical settings, this handbook presents the essentials of Merritt's Neurology, Eleventh Edition. The handbook follows the text chapter by chapter, presenting key information on signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests, and neurologic disorders in an easy-to-scan numbered-list format. This pocket-sized reference is perfect for students, residents, and practitioners who need the clinical information from Merritt's in a format that is practical for on-the-spot consultation. This edition features new chapters on endovascular surgical neuroradiology and on psychiatric conditions—schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety, and somatoform disorders. Other new chapters cover disorders of DNA translation, pachymeningitis, and Hashimoto encephalopathy.