Obstetric Nursing

Obstetric Nursing is a textbook for students pursuing diploma or undergraduate degree courses in nursing. It offers a simple, concise and clear presentation of the subject and a complete collection of chapters on important aspects of obstetrics for nursing students. This book covers topics ranging from the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system to care during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period. Diseases specific to and those occurring during pregnancy have also been dealt with, while emphasizing the role of local nursing approaches and clinical aspects. Practising nurses will also find this book useful as a reference tool.

Gynecological Nursing

Gynecological Nursing is a textbook for students pursuing a diploma or undergraduate degree courses in nursing. The text provides a framework for approaching gynecological problems by discussing diseases and disorders commonly affecting women and the management of and intervention required for each specific problem which are essential in nursing. It also addresses the complete continuum of care including health education, disease prevention and the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of gynecological diseases and disorders. This book will also be an invaluable resource for practicing nurses who are actively engaged in departments of gynecology.

Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing (second edition)? is an exhaustive, comprehensive, almost encyclopedic, treatise on the subject. It deals with the theoretic aspects of community and public health nursing, on the one hand and on the other, it enunciates the principles and practices of nursing intervention in various community health care settings. Following are some of the unique features of ?Community Health Nursing (second edition). It describes the effective communication and pedagogical methods that, when judiciously adopted by the staff of nursing colleges, could raise the standard of teaching and promote learning in the students. * It guides the students in preparing for the tests, viva voce and written examinations.

Midwifery By Ten Teachers

Essential training for any trainee midwife, Midwifery by Ten Teachers is a comprehensive coursebook covering all aspects of the principles and practices of midwifery. Based on the popular Obstretics by Ten Teachers, this book has been thoroughly reviewed and revised to ensure it provides the most accurate and appropriate information for the student and practicing midwife. Contents include the role of the midwife in modern maternity care, conception, implantation and embryology, physiology of pregnancy, labor and the postnatal woman, normal and abnormal fetal growth and development, antenatal and postnatal care (physical and emotional wellbeing), diseases, disorder and complications, emergencies and the neotate. A chapter is devoted to the increasingly important issues of law and ethics in practice. Detailed coverage of all the key elements of midwifery by a team of experienced lecturers and practitioners combined with inviting 4-color layout and plenty of color photographs make this book the one reference any trainee, returning or practicing midwife will need.

Biochemistry For Bsc Nursing Students

The main goal guiding the preparation of this new edition has been to reflect the revised syllabus of the subject as per Indian Nursing Council. Accordingly all the chapters have been rewritten. New chapters on cytoskeleton immunochemistry free radicals and antioxidants and specialized proteins have been introduced. Several new questions have also been added at the end of each chapter. All the practical exercises have been given at the end so as to make it more convenient for the students. A major goal thus continues to provide a textbook to the students of nursing that describes and illustrates the basics of biochemistry in a concise interesting manner.

Textbook Of Paediatric Nursing

Textbook of Paediatric Nursing is a comprehensive book that provides all the essential concepts and practical tips of the subject, based on the syllabus of Indian Nursing Council and curriculum of various Indian universities. The text is presented in a well-structured manner, based on nursing process format, and includes majority of the “must know” essentials in paediatric nursing. The book equips undergraduate and graduate nursing students with assessment, disease process and health promotion, in context with contemporary, social and cultural issues prevalent in Indian subcontinent. It can also be used as a ready reckoner by practicing paediatric nurses.

Management Of Nursing Services and Education

Management of Nursing Services and Education is a core paper of INC syllabi in the fourth year. This involves the study of applying principles of management to hospitals and nursing colleges to deliver quality health services. The author has tried to present the difficult information in a very simple form with enough pedagogy to make students understand and learn these subjects easily.